Music Server Recommendation

Hello AG community,
I have embarked down the path of getting my music off my computer (iMAC>USB Drive>Ethernet) and on to a dedicated music server.  Primarily I am looking for significantly improved sound quality and instant on. It will feed my DAC (most likely via USB). Need 4TB in onboard storage (no attached drives/NAS). I would really prefer to stay with Roon (have a lifetime sub) but will consider others with equal or superior functionality/sound/remote app.
Budget is $4-5k

My current primary equipment:
PS Audio DirectStream Jr/Oppo BDP-105
Ayre K-5xe Pre
Conrad Johnson MF2500a Amp
Vandersteen Quatro Woods
AQ Niagra 1000
AQ cables

I have been considering the below:

In the lead:
Antipodes EX (+ 4TB SSD)/Roon $5100
Innuous Zenith MKII Std/Roon $?? (can't figure out the US cost yet)

I really like the Antipodes especially the modular approach (ability to add a CX down the road), reviews and their reputation. Innuous seems like it may rival the Antipodes in sound quality. Both are not the easiest to buy or figure out sellers/distributors/pricing.

Aurender N100H $3000
Melco N1 MKII $??

Aurender is readily avail. Conductor app is generally well regarded. Would prefer the N10 but it is out of my range. I have heard some negatives regarding this unit being a bit shrill (definitely not anything I would be happy with). The Melco is very interesting and meets the sound quality std but is probably the fussiest from a setup perspective. Their software/remote app is probably the weakest of this group. Also confused about the 2 x XTB setup (is this a raid array or combined storage)?

What other products should I seriously consider in that price range? Is the budget sufficient for my requirements or should I look used or wait and save more?

Thank you in advance and look forward to your feedback

@bbarden45  "Have you considered the Pink Faun music servers?"
Been spending some time at their site. Very impressive devices an appear to be well built. You are seeing their cards being used in other products. I know Neal uses one of the cards in his Music Vaults. They have an I2s card that would be my preferred connection to my PS Audio DS Jr however it is limited to PCM only.  PS Input goes to DSD128.  No US Dist s Only direct purchases from Denmark is a complication. Trying to price it out with them now

Another vote for Innuos. It is good value and easy to rip, a big plus over some more expensive competitors, such as Aurender. There seems no point using a Server, then adding a NAS, particularly if it doesn't
 use SSD storage. So if you need 4 TB's , you have to suck up the price I'm afraid.

Whatever unit you buy, there will be a Mark 2 or super version out a month later, that's just life. I am still very happy with my Mark 1 Zenith and see no reason to change.

 As a matter of interest Dave or Troy, do you have a favourite reasonably priced DAC to use with the Zenith. My ageing Ayre QB9 is very good, but getting temperamental. I was thing of the Chord Qutest, any other thoughts? Thanks

Whatever unit you buy, there will be a Mark 2 or super version out a month later, that's just life. I am still very happy with my Mark 1 Zenith and see no reason to change.

Very true @david12 

I will have to live with whatever choice I make for quite awhile (ignoring FOMA) which is why I am taking my time and considering extending the budget. Although an upgrade path would be ideal as an option

This is what is looking like right now (all 4TB SSD):

  1. Pink Faun 2.16 ($6.25k) (I2s)
  2. Innuos MKII Std ($6k or Used) (USB)
  3. Music Vault Ultra II ($5k) (I2s)
  4. Antipodes EX ($5k) (Ethernet/USB)
  5. Wolf Audio Alpha 2 ($5.75k) or Luna ($4.4k)
Really like the Pink Faun but not sure if I want to bear the time/cost to ship it back & forth from Denmark for repairs/upgrades.....

Leaning towards options with I2s outputs to optimize the PS Audio DAC
Have an opportunity to buy a Innuos MKII at a clearance price so it is coming down to the below for around $5k:

  1. Innuos MKII Std (USB)
  2. Music Vault Ultra II (I2s)

Anyone out here using the Innuos with Roon?  With a PS Audio DAC via USB? Curious your impressions on the Roon Mngt as well as the USB into the PSA
^ I say go for it! Innuos. 
There’s years of consensus out there about Roon. And you could go USB or Ethernet to your PS DAC with a bridge II right?