Music Server - The Search Begins

I recently upgraded my amp to a Lyngdorf TDAI-3400, which incorporates the highest quality DAC I have owned, so it's gotten me to seriously consider adding a music server to my system.  
I've been mainly playing records through my system for the past 8 years, so I really haven't paid much attention to the digital side of things.  I need some help figuring out what's ideal for my needs.
The main criteria I have:
- Needs to be able to store a lot of music because I have thousands of CDs and downloads I want to store in one place
- Should have its own CD ripper
- Needs to be easy to use. I'd like to be able to navigate it without having to use a phone, tablet or computer all the time
- Must be reliable.  Glitchy, buggy systems will end up being returned.
- Must sound good, but doesn't need to be in the top 5% of its class.  
- Should be under $3K (but willing to consider higher priced if the benefits are really worth it)

Servers that I've been considering include the Cocktail Audio X50D, Sony HAP-Z1ES, BlueSound Vault, Melco N1.  I realize that not all of these on my list include every criteria I listed above, hence my plea for help.  

If you have experience using a server that you really like and that might make sense for me please share your experiences.  Thanks so much!!


I'd like to be able to navigate it without having to use a phone, tablet or computer all the time

Peter, can you explain what you mean by the above? Thanks.
I have Sony HAP-Z1ES but don’t use it as a server, just as a hard disk player with USB connection to an external DAC. Only one internal 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD can fit and there’s only 1 USB port. It does support USB hub (USB CD player, external hard disk, and external DAC) but I don’t know if using hub will degrade the USB output to external DAC. The user interface has good ergonomics (the big dial) and nice color screen - you can navigate and perform setup without using phone app. Ripping using Z1ES with connection to Gracenote gives more correct album artwork and song titles compared to Windows PC ripping, but it’s slow if ripping with verification is selected. One of Z1ES strengths is its ability to play gapless for all formats, including DSD.

Since you have thousands of CDs, I suggest you estimate the amount of HDD space required and tracks count since there’s an upper limit on how many tracks can be supported by Z1ES (never published officially, something like 20,000 tracks).
I'm beginning to bore myself, but consider the Innuos server. It sounds great to me and there is a range of price points, I chose the Zenith, which uses an SSD. I've got 2400 + CDs on it so far and 1TB is 86% full. Ripping is fast and very easy. It needs an I pad to control it, but the interface is very user friendly
It I thought that his request of not wanting to use a phone or tablet, etc was reasonably clear..  I take it that he doesn’t want a PC, and that he wants to be able to control it though buttons or touch screens on the unit itsel.
  He can cross Bluesound off his list, since a tablet or phone is essential.  That is the server that I have personal experience with.  Olive would have worked for him, except it didn’t work for anyone.
Cambridge Audio I think makes a server with a touch screen control, but I am not sure if it includes a CD ripper.
I had been using Cocktail X12 to feed EmmLab Dac2 with no trouble at all for more than 2 years.