Music streamer with no DAC and no storage?

I have an all digital Kii Three audio system (active speakers with DACS and amps) controlled by the Kii Controller fed by a KS Realization USB cable from my Mac PowerBook, with Shunyata Denali and Alpha power cords feeding the speakers.  I am looking for a top-notch streamer without a DAC (already built in to my speakers) and with no storage needed (I only stream from h-res streaming services in 24/44 - 24/192).  I would like to play the streaming services without my Mac computer, but don't need all the functions currently offered in the current all-purpose streamers.  Any ideas?   
LUMIN U1......I love mine.
SQ jump from McBook Pro was huge......I use AES/EBu to my Chord Dave and its amazing.

@thyname Depending on the DAC, Chromecast can sound as good as Auralic. There isn't an iota of difference on Chord DACs between streamers as they are essentially memory DACs.
Hey Uber I've been around just haven't kept up with old threads very much and I guess I let down the streaming tonight thread. :p Happy holidays!