Music streamers

My question is About music streamers in general. My current setup is a Laptop connected to my integrated job amp through usb. I was wondering if I should replace my laptop with a dedicated streamer without a Dac cuz my int already had one. So purely speaking about the difference between a dedicated streamer and a laptop. Does a streamer have a tangible improvement than a laptop? Just on the audio quality is there a tangible improvement. If yes plz suggest me some good ones below 1000usd. I’m currently eyeing the lindenmann limetree bridge. Thank you 
+1 on the Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra. Several reasons why I got the Pro-ject:
  1. Its power supply is reported to be well sorted out. Adding a linear power supply doesn't add much improvement, so that is several hundred dollars that you don't need to spend
  2. It has Wi-Fi that can be turned off for better sound quality when using a hard wired Ethernet connection
  3. Though it has only a minimal amount of internal memory, you can attach a USB flash drive or external SSD or hard drive to store music files. FWIW, music seems to sound better when played back from my attached USB flash drive than via streaming.
  4. You can rip CDs through the Stream Box into an attached flash drive or external hard drive.
This is a post about the experiments one person did to improve the sound quality of the Pro-ject:
Sorry to hear about your experience with Aurender
Thanks @lalitk but it’s OK. It’s just an appliance.
... and it appears you’re still pretty miffed about it ...
Oh no, not at all. I was never "miffed" about it, just disappointed. Stuff happens.
I see very little point in dwelling over the past. Move on please....
I think it’s useful for readers to share their honest experiences here.
What’s odd about this is that if we praise a product, we’re subject to being called a "fanboy." Yet if we’re critical, we may be called "miffed" and asked to "move on."

I have moved on, btw - I bought a Bryston BDP-3 from the same dealer where I bought the Aurender. It’s terrific! I use it with Rigelian software and I think I’ll be pleased with it for years, as I have with other Bryston products. And if you think that makes me a "fanboy," that’s your problem.
I have tried a laptop and stand alone streamers. A lot depends on your system. Amp speakers etc. I ended up getting a Simaudio 680D used with Focal Kanta 3 speakers and the sound is amazing. Simaudio makes just a stand alone streamer that is really good. The Moon app is everything that Roon offers and is free. Very easy to use but it's personal preference. Just get something and you will be happy.
Hifiberry Digi+  Raspberry Pi is cheaper than Allo, less than $200 for everything.  Sound is amazing via coax or optical. Built in WiFi sucks, but hardwired works great. I’m no programmer and was easily able to set it up.  Roon endpoint too!
Another vote for Bluesound Node 2i. $450 on sale, connect to a better DAC, and there you are. Easy to use, small profile so easy to place, and it does everything it should. One of the smartest purchases I've made.