Music that everyone else loves but you just don't

Like the thread title says, there's some music that everyone else seems to love but I don't.
I don't have their albums, I switch stations if I hear it, my eyes glaze over when yet another thread starts up about how great the remaster of the remastered tapes begins...get a grip I wanna yell it's elevator muzak! :p

Who's on your list then?

Here's some of mine:

Eagles ('s a country mile to get away)
Dianna Krall
The Boss (but if he's in a backing band then that's OK(think Warren Zevon) )
All Boy Bands
All Girl Bands
The Stones...basically everything
Fleetwood Mac (everything since P.Green left)
The twenty thousand clones of Aretha Franklin
Johnny Winter
Grateful Dead
Lots and lots of Neil Young
Steely Dan all albums except CDTE
The Doors
Led Zep after Houses of the Holy

There's more but that's a start.

I think growing up listening to Grand Funk Railroad ruined me for heavy metal music....nothing compares I'm afraid to Mark, Don and Mel.


Yep, I know there's a lot of elevator muzak a lot of Mall muzak in there but ...hey that's where this stuff tends to end up or on baby boomer FM stations.

Now don't get angry, don't get cranky if your favourite music appears in someone's list...just chill and write your own. This is just a thread for people who mightn't like what everybody else likes. Some harmless fun if you like.

You could of course put an alternative to your disliked band/singer/musician in brackets. Even though I didn't, feel free to do so yourself.

Cheers :D
Great thread. I have a few of my "favorites"; I don't claim their music sucks, but I personally just don't get it at all, and don't understand why they are as popular as they are. There are also entire genres that I cannot stand such as opera, indie rock, or country-western. Then there are sounds I don't even consider music such as techno, rap, and whatever they played at Sam Goody's I walked into last week; best I can describe it, it was a combination of bad disco music from the late '70s and the type of music Ace of Base was playing, whatever it was classified as. Doubtless, it was a top selling CD. Horrifying.

Here's my list, just off the top of my head:

1. Rolling Stones - a few good songs, majority just mediocre; never understood what made "Satisfaction" a rock'n'roll anthem.
2. Bob Dylan - how can anyone stand that nasal, whiny, screeching voice is a mystery to me.
3. Steely Dan - just sounds cheesy, song after song.
4. Radiohead - tried hard to get into their music, but just can't.
5. Greatful Dead - just so bland and boring; sounds like a dive bar music. Was it just the drug use that made them so popular until today? But why?

I will also admit that I'm surprised at some of the picks in this thread (Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Fleetwood Mac are the most surprising to me), but it just confirms how subjective and personal music tastes are. That said, there is music I don't get, and there is music that just plainly and objectively sucks, and to me shows lacks of refinement in someone's tastes. Easy listening, soft jazz, new age, almost all of best-selling music today to me is not even subject to a debate; it objectively blows, and I feel bad for those who can't hear it. It's like not being able to taste the difference between great Scotch and cheap Bourbon; you can't debate it.
@Thelid I saw Grand Funk when they played for free at an Atlanta mini-Wookstock. Afterwards, one of the people I went with took off a day or two of work just to listen to their album continuously. I didn't relate, but to each their own.

Santana is one that doesn't connect for me. So sincere, so technically good, that squealing high-pitch guitar...yawn.
Ha ha! Some great replys guys and no aggro either which is great.
Yeah it's all subjective isn't it and I'm not gonna pay out someone for likeing Dianna Krall or The Stones or Barry Manilow or that woman they make the horse jokes about...each to his own.

I'm just glad to see i'm not the only one who dont like a lot of old mainstream music...yeah I like GFR but it's an occasional thing, the kind you chuck on your system when yer kicking back and a few cold beers are hitting the spot and the handbrakes either away or she's in a good mood! Ya know what I mean.

But most other times I like to keep exploring and someone said above ...internet radio has been a blessing hasn't it, you canjust tune in to the most obscure music being played by stations you've never heard of and it opens your eyes up your ears actually but you know what I mean.

Last time i did a speaker audition in a shop the young dude pulled out DSOTM and I just rolled my eyes and told him to put the cd I'd brought along on...he was gobsmacked by the sound and the production values: The music your wondering? An obscure East London Jazz/acid/Nu/beat/soul/house grouping with fantastic production that's what i'm chasing all the time...something new. Can be hard to find but is doubly pleasurable when found.

Keep it going guys.

I don't own an Elton John album or a beach boys one but i like that Van Halen guys California girls...go figure...sheeze!
almost all popular new music including rock, alternative and especially hip hop, rap

+1 to that for me, with the addition of indie, popular Country music, and free jazz.

Can't stand these icons: Grateful Dead, Leonard Cohen, Frank Sinatra, Radiohead, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis from Bitches Brew on, and Frank Zappa (except for Hot Rats).