Music to Impress my Kid's Friends?

Lately, my college aged children have been bringing friends over to here my system and I would love to buy a few great sounding cds that are currently popular. I obviously have lots of quality music to play but it might have more impact on the kids if they were more familiar with the music. I bought the Adele cd thinking that might do the trick but was I wrong. I'd even invest in some current vinyl if I knew they would were outstanding from a recording standpoint. Thanks
Why do you want to impress your kid's friends? That sounds kind of creepy to me.
Irmin Schmidt & Kumo(trans and piano virtuoso)
Fourplay "Between The Sheets" :-)
Can "Monster Movie" -pioneers of electronic music. This album of early 70's sounds more like modern alternative rock with elements of r&r and punk.
Any age group would ADORE Fela Kuti's afro beat (did couple of his tunes at DJ stand and got FASCINATING crowd energy!)
Jah Wobble and Invaders of the Heart released two albums "Take me to God" and "Rising Above the Bedlum". Both of them feature drum-bass music and mixing styles from salsa and regae to alternative rock.
Tpreaves, I have no idea where that comment came from but I take offense to that notion. My kids friends have shown a genuine interest in analog and high quality sound. One of my daughters friend, John, had never seen a record player in action and he was just amazed and enthralled at the technology. They love hearing the clarity, resolution and deep and wide sound stage of a great recording.

The reason for this post was to find great recordings that they would more identify with so they can better appreciate what a quality sound system can do with well recorded music. My goal with this post was to eliminate the trial and error of buying quality recordings of current music.

Lastly, I would question your own morals if you read something "creepy" into this post. Seriously, wtf!

Thanks to everyone else for the normal, music oriented responses.
A sense of humor goes a long way if you're trying to connect with the young folks, lighten up.