Music to soothe the mid-winter soul

Santa has come and gone. Locked in your dedicated listening room with no hope of new gear --not even tweaks-- until fair weather, what (preferably analog) music would soothe your disquieted soul?
Yes, Sibelius, especially various tone poems fit the bill!

Also Grieg Peer Gynt Suite.
"Cantus borealis - Wind music from the Faroe Islands" by the Reykjavik Wind Quintet (BIS). A great winter recommendation!
Ah, the listening season - chestnuts roasting by the Atma-Spheres, Ken-Rads nipping at your nose. I love it.

Also love the Sibelius suggestion - a little Swan, or dare you bear yourself away on Symp 4 - i'd say go 'under the ice' but I hear JS glaring at me 'aye aye there is *no* program'. (Makes you think of nazz nazz, eh?)

For something different, how 'bout holing up with some smaller group lighter stuff, Hobbit music from Holst ('Fugal Concerto for Flute, Oboe and Strings' or the delightful 'St.Paul's Suite') EJ Moeran ('Music for Cello & Piano'), John Ireland ('The Holy Boy', 'Mai Dun'), topped up with a big one, say Finzi's sumptuous 'Intimations'. Dig through those Lyritas you haven't played in a while - lottsa tiny gems in that catalog.  
WOW! Reading through these selection it is no wonder you guys get depressed during winter. :-) Like Pops said, C'mon on man!

Just take those old records off the shelf
I'll sit and listen to them by myself

you can fill in the rest. :-)