Music Vault Diamond vs PS audio PWD/PWT

I want to get into a music server, for all the right reason.Question is I am wondering what the best option, I own a MSB Platium Dac 111 with all the bits and pieces except USB input.
I notice you can have mods carried out on the PS audio PWT/PWD,I am not sure how it would stack agaisnt the MSB,there has been alot PS Audio dac getting sold over pass weeks, there not much information/reviews out with regards to the Music Vault Diamond? would be good to hear from the owners of both!
I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the Music Vault Diamond. The Music Vault Diamond is a Server with a digital output that has a Dynamic Range of 142 dB. It is not a DAC but makes any DAC sound its best.

Any Music Vault can easily be accessed on your network from a android phone or iPhone, laptop or iPad or any PC in your home. It may also be controlled from a touch screen and wireless keyboard and mouse.

Its storage can be increased with USB hard drives and is future proof.
Make sure you know which ones provide true 192 kHz x 24 bit playback...and which ones don't. I am not familiar with the Music Vault, so I can't comment. The PWD with the Bridge is a true bargain when considering cost, sonic performance, hi-res playback, network streaming (no computers needed) and ease of setup. PS Audio also has excellent customer relations and support.
" I own a MSB Platium Dac 111 "

You have one of the best DAC's around, why mess with it? Company supports all upgardes... for money. Thus for me, its no brainer - Music Vault Diamond + fully upgarded MSB.

Why do you need PWT if you state "I want to get into a music server " ???

I did not auditioned PWD so I cannot comment on its DAC portion.

Rarely, I found more helpful people then Neil !

Good Luck