Music you HATE the most but once you LOVED it

Too young to die, too old to rock and roll.

When I was young I loved some music that, right now, I can not stand it anymore, like:

Mahavishnu Orchestra
Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Jeff Beck: "Blow by Blow" and "Wired". Curiosly, I still listen to the Jeff Beck Group.

I hear ya folks.
Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. Had my first french kiss with my future ex-wife at a dance during the song. Heard it so many times that I can't stand it anymore. Whenever I hear it on radio, I change stations.
-ELP had big skill but may have been a bit McClassical and heavy on the cheese.
-Still have enough brain left to know that the 1st two Mahavishnu Orchestra albums suffer no similar defects and are solid inspired works that dwarf nearly every rock or electric jazz recording ever made.
-Never was in love w/ the 80's King Crimson or Genesis stuff, but like it less now than I did when it first came out.
-On last hearing, Herbie Hancock /Future Shock seemed pretty weak and way inferior to the record I thought it was.