Music you Hated but now Love

let me counter-balance the other thread: is there any music you totally hated but now Love?
my story: Gong, Magma, Robert Wyatt: I could not understand how my little brother could listen to this garbage, but now, 30 years later, these are in constant rotation on my LP12...
(((Please use another thread for Classical music, actually, Please, someone, start such thread for Classical!)))
Back in college, my roommate dug NIN ("Turn that crap OFF!") Now, I see that some of that older NIN was brilliant.
I'm with Erik. No Phish or any "jam bands" I like songs with a beginning, a middle and an end.
At first I did not like Steve Earle, then I did, but his later stuff puts me back to don't care for it.
Phish is always an easy target for folks who haven't listened in a while. They are at the top of their game right now try going to a show sometime. To each their own of course but I find them incredibly impressive live.
I’ve done an about face in recent years on AC/DC, Eminem and Dean Martin.  Michael Jackson as well. 
Greg Brown, didn't like the country twang. Now I can't get enough. He's my new John Prine. To top it off, his recordings on Red House Records are spectacular.

I just saw Alice Cooper and can't imagine better music with a vaudeville show added for visual entertainment. Oh, I always liked them, but you didn't.
Death metal. Hated the cookie monster vocals and blast beats. Later I started to understand that aggressive music needed aggressive vocals, and what's more aggressive than from-the-depths-of-hell growling. And some of the bands started playing with more consonance, where blast beats actually fit.

Lately I've become enamored of beauty and the beast gothic doom (clean female vocals interspersed with cookie monster male vocals).

I've always been a metal fan, but realistically, 95% of metal is mediocre or just plain bad and that goes for death metal too. But when you find a good one it just works.
Zimwig, Thanks!!!! I have been searching for a particular Greg Brown song for years after hearing it just once on the radio. Found it on the Red House site. "'Cept You and Me, Babe" on Covenant. 

I always liked Phish's "Bouncing Round the Room", so there!

Joan Osborn. Can't say I hated "One of Us"; but I thought she was just another Alanis Morrisette clone. Then I picked up Relish at one of those swap things where you bring your mistakes and take those of others. LOVE IT!

I'm gonna start a new thread for songs we've heard once and couldn't find for years.

Tom Waits was an artist I just didn't "get" until I did. His voice was definitely an acquired taste and I misunderstood his lyrics, thinking they were an inside joke I wasn't getting.

Now I have done a complete 180. What an incredible artist and body of work. 
I am more of a classical and prog-rock guy but Let me add the whole genre: until I upgraded my stereo from BestBuy style to all-NaimAudio rig I was always puzzled whats the fuss about Jazz. Not any more, I still prefer Third Stream (ECM label and such) to Miles and Bird but at least now I cannot say that i "hate it". The learning curve is there, and going thru "jazz for aficionados" is on my To-Do list...


Give Greg Brown's wife a try now. Iris Dement is very special. Her first three albums are more Country than later ones, in which she has gone back to her Gospel roots.

Greg Brown's Covenant was delivered today. " 'Cept you & Me Babe" is better than I remembered. It will take me a while to see if I like the rest of the CD, though.
Bdp24 thanks. Know Iris well, since I am a John Prine nut.  She often duets with him. Her voice is an acquired taste, very talented song writer.

Others have made that comment zimwig, about Iris’ voice. I’m usually aware of any "quirkiness" in a voice, like for instance Victoria Williams and Julie Miller. For some reason I don’t hear it in Iris’, though it does have a lot of character, which I highly value. Maybe not exactly quirky, but I can understand Dylan’s voice being an acquired taste. Or one not cared for at all!
I'm still trying to appreciate Joanna Newsom's voice. I mean if Iris Dement and Lucinda Williams can reach me, I suppose Joanna Newsom can too.