musica bella tube preamp

  I finally got my new musica bella lusso preamp a little over a week ago.  Right out of the box it has a very nice sound to it.  Compaired to my old ps audio solid state preamp the lusso has more weight to the music.  It is very dynamic and has that emotional connection to the music.  It really pulls the inner details from the recording and I know that people always say this, but I am hearing things in my recordings I didn't hear before.  All the extra detail and it is still very smooth and never harsh.  I have always read that tubes can run hot but this pre can be on for hours and still stays cool.   I would like to do some tube rolling and when I asked the manufacture about tubes to try he said that he thought I should let it run for another 100 hours or so before changing anything.  Do you think that I can do better with some nos tubes (JJ electronics are in the pre now).                                                                                                                                                                        
Call Andy. Fastest and best way to deal with him. You won't be disappointed. He is the man!

Did you get the solid state or tube power supply?
  I have the solid state power supply.  I really like this preamp so far.  It is still breaking in and soundstage seems to be expanding and it is becoming more laid back but still very nice detail.  I have been looking for different tubes online and talked with Brent Jesse but I would like to talk with Andy also,  thanks
this preamp keeps getting better and better.  I still have the stock jj tubes and am about ready to try some mullard tubes.  This pre is slightly on the warm side and laid back sounding, which is good for my system.  I can listen for hours without any fatigue.  I don't understand why musica bella products don't get talked about more on the forum.  I payed a little more for this pre than my previous ps audio pre and it is much more refined and natural sounding than the ps audio(which is also still a nice pre).  
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