Musica Pristina A Cappella III Streamer ?

Wondering if anyone has had a chance to hear the A Cappella III streamer ?  What are your thoughts ?  There's only one review online via audio beatnik

I'm in the market for a streamer in the 3-5k range.  I don't need a CD ripper or anything, just looking for the best delivery of music files primarily off of Roon/Tidal or hi-rez downloads (overall mainly red book quality). 

Obvious competitors include Innuos  ZENith III etc. 

Tend to prioritize devices that can offer the PrAT factor and increased sound stage size/space around  players.  Any other benefits are a bonus


- Roon/Tidal via computer (tb replaced by the streamer)
- Yggy A2/G5
- LTA microZOTL pre
- FirstWatt F7/Pass XA25
- Tannoy Eatons

All cables via Audiosensibility (sig series)
Thanks for the feedback 

Did you compare to other units prior to purchase ?

Without any science to back me up - I tend to agree that i2s sounds the best just from putting around with other systems.  Overall I've noticed that the timing of i2s connected systems appears to be the best.  
I did not compare with any other units.  Comparing servers is somewhat difficult especially in your own system with your own music.  At the time of my purchase several years ago, there were not the number of servers available that there are today.  But I have l no regrets and plan on the A Cappella being a permanent source of my music.  The sound is sublime.

is your DAC a PS Audio DirectStream by any chance?  I am looking for a streamer with I2S digital output that will work with my PS Audio DAC and am concerned about compatibility.


The Musica Pristina is I2S compatible with the PS Audio, Denafrips, and Rockna.  Musica Pristina is a great company!
I'm not sure if it is compatible with the rockna standard - but definitely the PS audio standard.