Musica Pristina A Cappella III Streamer ?

Wondering if anyone has had a chance to hear the A Cappella III streamer ?  What are your thoughts ?  There's only one review online via audio beatnik

I'm in the market for a streamer in the 3-5k range.  I don't need a CD ripper or anything, just looking for the best delivery of music files primarily off of Roon/Tidal or hi-rez downloads (overall mainly red book quality). 

Obvious competitors include Innuos  ZENith III etc. 

Tend to prioritize devices that can offer the PrAT factor and increased sound stage size/space around  players.  Any other benefits are a bonus


- Roon/Tidal via computer (tb replaced by the streamer)
- Yggy A2/G5
- LTA microZOTL pre
- FirstWatt F7/Pass XA25
- Tannoy Eatons

All cables via Audiosensibility (sig series)
I'm not sure if it is compatible with the rockna standard - but definitely the PS audio standard. 

Great news if true - do you have a Wavedream or Wavelight ?

You have the older Musical Pristina unit though correct ?


I have a Wavedream. Kev from MP said supposedly the latest rockna firmware is supposed to allow me to choose between Rockna/PS audio pin configs but I don’t seem to have that option on version 4.7.

Tbh - between the Intona USB implementation and the OXCO - it is still very tempting unit, i2s or not !
@rdoc, thanks for the kind words, and for answering questions.

Jesus from Sonore maintains a list of I2S compatibility between brands. You can find it here:  i2s - Google Sheets

From what I was told, Rockna rolled out a firmware portal. From there you can gain you access to the latest firmware. The one dated NOV 3 *should* provide you with the ability to convert your I2S HDMI input to accept the Musica Pristina (PS Audio / HDMI Spec) output.
1 = Rockna, 2 = PS Audio (the one we use).

@pscar, we're compatible with PS Audio gear.