Musical amp/pre/integrated for Maggies 1.6Qr

I just got a pair of Maggies 1.6 with upgraded Cross Over.
Now I am using it with a "better than nothing" NAD C740 receiver.

I am looking for amp that give me a very musical (not hi definition) i.e. tube like amp for probably sub 1.5K used.
I listen to a lot of female vocal music and some Jazz and classical.

I switch from 300B tube SET amp so try to keep the character from the SET on my Maggies. Is it possible to do that?

For the amp, Plimius 8200 integrated comes into my mind.

Any other good amp out there? I know that it's been accepted that Maggies needs lot of power, but I do not listen very lound (less than 100dB.) I wonder if I do really need that much power for the amp. As for now the volume on NAD C740 (35w @ 8 Ohms) never passs the 12 O'clock position yet.

As for class A amp, how much power maggies need? Is 30-50W class A amp good enough for 1.6s?

Thanks a lot,


PS my CD player right now is CAL IkonII
I also have AES AE-3 tube preamp that could go with power amp, but prefer the whole integrated if possible.
I have the 1.6's and the 3.3's .I find that using a powermaster 1000 and bi-amping is the ticket.This amp when used to bi-amp will make either one sing and sing well.Good Luck,audiobob
Definately McIntosh IMHO. The most warm and musical with no clinical definition (fault for some people) and I love them. May be hard to get for under 1.5k however. Maggies and McIntosh are magical (several Audiogoners have this combo if you check archives and they love it). Otherwise, for tubes, check out Rogue - impressive tube gear for the money and also American made if that makes a difference.
I liked the Mcintosh 6500 and the 6900. i owned the 6500 for about 1 year. Very nice but not enough power for my 4 way inefficient speakers. The Classe and Plinius integrated amps are also very nice.
Go with the story about the BEL 1001...its the specs. I know, 'specs don't matter, its the sound'. That is what you say when your amp does not have the specs but you like the sound of the system. You are a 'connoisseur of coloration'. You want warm, sweet, laid back, etc., etc.

But, if you want to hear what is on the CD, the good and the bad, then select good sounding CD's, go for the specs.
THD 10k ohm / Damping Factor >20

You CAN find them in tubes, but it probabaly will not be the famous brands. Rogue meets the specs and is affordable. Or solid state, ATI, Jeff Rowlands, Hafler DH 200, or DH 220, Muse 60, and of course the BEL 1001.

But you have to retrain your ears for 'true to the original'. When you can hear it, then your reference becomes your recall of the sound of live instruments. Its a whole different path for audio.
I owned the Proceed amp 2 for a couple of years with my 1.6's, and then bought the McIntosh MA6450. Both pieces were good. I sold the MAC MA6450 and bought the McIntosh MA-6500 and McIntosh CD player. My 1.6's never sounded better. I'm keeping all these pieces!!
I love what the McIntosh units do for Maggies, great sound, warmth, resolution, bass, truly a match made in heaven!

Both the MA6900 & MA6500 have plenty of power, I have a big room and listen loud (sometimes). The MAC never runs out of steam and is always crystal clear.

Hope this helps, Happy listening,
Bennett (hififile)