Musical Design D75-B

The Musical Design D-75B sets high standards and beyond in its class & price range, in my opinion! One of the latest generation of amplifiers offered by John Hellig, the D75-B has definately impressed me and has exceeded my expectations! Rated at a potent 75 watts per channel, offers a very transparent, refined sound with superb soundstaging that competes with the very best I have heard. This is the first amp I have listened to that uses only one pair of Mosfets per channel, that can still be played to intolerable levels, and can deliver the goods into low impedances, with demanding source material, without clipping. Amazing! I also love its good looks, that to me resembles a tube amp with four glowing leds inside that can easily be seen through its front grill, nice! This is a very special amplifier that will impress, even the most demanding audiophiles. It will set a new reference standard that other amps will be compared to. I strongly recommend this amp!
I just wanted to take a brief moment to point out the typo on my above review & correct Johns last name. It is not Hellig but rather Hillig.
I have a highly modified (RHB mods) Music Design SP 2B Preamp which is by far the most phenomonal preamp I have ever heard. It will run head to head with Thor 1000, Emotive Sira, CAT Ultimate and other very elite company. John definitely knows what he is doing...
I ran a pair of D-75's in mono coupled to the SP-2 preamp..connected to some Mission 774 and then Pinnacle Classic Gold Aerogel, and I thought they were extraordinary!

No wonder its hard to find Musical Design's amps in the used market.