musical drummers...who are they ???

the elusive it..... what drummers have it ??

Ringo, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Jeff Porcaro,Anton Fig, Dave Weckl, Vinnie C, can't put my finger on it, but they just play....the music...any thoughts ??
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Check out Michael Giles on King Crimson's first album, In The Court Of The Crimson King, An Observation By King Crimson, and also Andy McCulloch on King Crimson's third album, Lizard.

Hey Texan, I'm also a big fan of Lee Kerslake... He wasn't the best soloist, but he was a bear, who was about playing the song and composing his parts in the rhythm section with Gary Thain.
ritchie Hayward of LITTLE FEAT....plays from his heart to his head and THEN down to his hands!! :)
A lot of good responses here ( I particularly like Dave Mattacks and Jim Keltner as rock drummers and Jack D. for Jazz). Since, as Tvad points out, the question regarded musical drummers, I'd also look to less obvious people like Cal Tjader. He may be better known for vibes or even bandleading and songwriting, but he brought that broader sense or "musicality" to his drumset and congas, Latin Jazz was full of this phenomenon, see Tito Puente et al. Mick Fleetwood, Will Rigby, Jim Brock and Phil Collins would be somewhat analagous in the rock world IMHO.