Musical Fidelity

Anyone have much experience with Musical Fidelity? I recently just kind of came across this U.K. gear manufacturer and my interest was piqued on their higher end line.  Looks like lots of value/performance for the dollar, but I’ve not come across their stuff before, nor heard any yet in person.   Anyone…good or bad experience ?   Thanks.  

I recently purchased a A220 Integrated amp made in England. It's 20 years old and sounds sweet. It's all analog, no digital. I've owned a few other pieces with no issues.  

It‘s a big company that has morphed over the years and produced a shitload of amps of varying merit covering the entire spectrum of the market..

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I own an M2SI and a V-90 DAC. Have zero complaints about either.
An ex girlfriend bought an MF X-A1 integrated amp back in the day.
I was singularly impressed with its sound and build quality. It's why I bought my M2SI.