Musical Fidelity

Anyone have much experience with Musical Fidelity? I recently just kind of came across this U.K. gear manufacturer and my interest was piqued on their higher end line.  Looks like lots of value/performance for the dollar, but I’ve not come across their stuff before, nor heard any yet in person.   Anyone…good or bad experience ?   Thanks.  

I own an M2SI and a V-90 DAC. Have zero complaints about either.
An ex girlfriend bought an MF X-A1 integrated amp back in the day.
I was singularly impressed with its sound and build quality. It's why I bought my M2SI.

Very much a latecomer to this thread. Yes. I have an M5 CD rated as one of the best $3,000 CDP's ever made and an M5 500i integrated amp.

The CDP is 18 years old with a valve output stage still going very strong and the amp is just staggering. It doesn't get louder, it just hits you in the head harder. MF confirmed that it's putting approx. 825W per channel into my 4Ohm speakers and EVERYTHING is effortless.

Some have said MF are an online business. They arent. Much to my disappointment.