Musical Fidelity A3cr Pre compared to Tubes

I have a MF A3cr power amp that I am considering matching a tube preamp or the matching the companion Preamp. Does anyone have any experience with the MF Pre and it ssound vs a tube pre. I am considering Rogue Perseus and Primaluna prologue 3 for the tube Pre. Thanks
Go figure ... I am using a MF CD PRE 24 with a Prima Luna PL 5 power amp. I like the control that the SS preamp adds to the tube power amp.

Rich: I agree, different tastes and setups for almost all of us here. But that is the nature of the hobby, no two people hear the same thing the same exact way.
Hawk I used the A3CR preamp with A308 MF power amp. Loved the combination. Very detailed and dynamic...but a bit bright with my Vienna Acoustic Haydns.

What are your speakers?

Primaluna and better 12 type tubes should provide you with a great listening experience.
Lapierre, my speakers are Nola Viper IIa's, recently purchased on the 'gon. So many people have said that Nola/Alons sound best with tube gear, that I have been on this quest to find a decent tube preamp for not alot of money. My MF A3cr power amp just seems too good to me to discount just because its not tube gear. Therefore, this is why I've been asking questions MF pres vs tube pre's. Thanks for your input.
Hawk28 are there any audio stores near you so you can audition some tube pre amps to see if you like what you are trying to acheive?
I have heard plenty of Rogue gear, but never with the Nolas. Also, I have heard plenty of Alon/Nola speakers, but never with tube gear, which they supposedly prefer according to many Alon/Nola owners. I guess that's why I'm interesting in seeing what the tube pre will do with my ss power amp in comparison to MF's preamps.
No I haven't considered using a tube buffer. I never heard a system with one being used and no dealer has ever recommended to me such a product to improve the sound of my system.
I recently had an opportunity to purchase a Musical Fidelity CD Pre 24 for just a hair under $900 Shipping and Paypal already included. But the deal fell through last minute due to miscommunication and was picked up by somebody else. I just want to know if it is that good or are there other CD/Pre combos out there I should look at. There is one currently listed but the price is too high and at a lower rating than the one I had agreed to buy, which I am even considering if the price is right. I would use it with a McIntosh MC300 power amp that I picked up off Audiogon not long ago.

I am looking for a combo because the real estate on my rack is already taken up with anothe MF integrated amp and a Meridian CD player. Any advice would be greatly apprreciated.?
Read the review for the Musical Fidelity CD PRE 24 . I have owned the piece now for the last 8 years and absolutely love it. I picked it up new for $1300 or so, when discontinued, so it has upheld its price pretty well. I use it with a tube amp and Opera floorstanders.

I have a MF Nuvista preamp which came out just before the A3CR. As I understand it the circuits are similar, but the Nuvista was limited production (500 units) using Nuvistor "tubes", where the A3 uses SS devices.

I love my Nuvista preamp and will never sell it. If you can find one they go for ~$1000 used. Else, based on the reviews I would be inclined to give the A3CR a try, and save $300-$400.