Musical Fidelity Authorized Repair Location

I've got a some MF gear that needs repair.
It seems that MF only supplies parts to their authorized repair centers.
Can anyone recommend a reputable facility?
The geographical location is not important, as long as they're good and honest.
I would call Audio Connection in NJ. His reputation is excellent. I don't know if he can fix it in store, though. If not, I'm sure he will recommend someone very good. I would also try Listen Up in Colorado. They have a very good service department and wouldn't have to send it out. If I can think of any more, I'll post.
I've already contacted John at Audio Connection, and I'm waiting for a reply.
I'll give Listen Up a shout.
It's even difficult to find a brick & mortar dealer.
Any thoughts on Galen Carol in Texas?
Contact Tempo High Fidelity(US importer for Musical Fidelity) @ 617 314-9227.