Musical Fidelity Authorized Repair Location

I've got a some MF gear that needs repair.
It seems that MF only supplies parts to their authorized repair centers.
Can anyone recommend a reputable facility?
The geographical location is not important, as long as they're good and honest.
I've already contacted John at Audio Connection, and I'm waiting for a reply.
I'll give Listen Up a shout.
It's even difficult to find a brick & mortar dealer.
Any thoughts on Galen Carol in Texas?
Contact Tempo High Fidelity(US importer for Musical Fidelity) @ 617 314-9227.
Lol, I was just getting to post my rant about what's going on with me. Okay, I bought a mf v-dac ii brand new 6 months ago from listen up and one day the digital coax input quit working. The toslink still worked, just not the coax. So I call Listen up, my guy that I work with says "bring it in, it will go out tommorrow to denver to get fixed". Ten days later it gets shipped to housten, not denver, to bammel t.v., where it sat for two and a half weeks. They finally got to it and it's a "bad board" and they have now been waiting for 12 days for a response from musical fidelity about weather or not they have another board to send bammel t.v.

I've contacted Listen up about six times with there response being "you'll know something as soon as we do" but to my knowledge they haven't put forth any effort to "know something" so I took matters into my own hands and have called bammel twice.

I like all the guys at listen up, and for everything else, they have been great. My salesperson even let me borrow a dac (dac magic 100, which sucks compared to what I was using, but hey, whatever).

The guys at Bammel have actually been pretty good too, all things considered.

Anyways, I figured I'd shoot an s-mail to musical fidelity letting them know what's going on but, whatya know, no direct e-mail address on there site, only a phone number. The uk is 8 hours difference from me so I can call between 12 pm - 8 am, my time.

What have I learned from all this? There are plenty of good american companies that when I call or e-mail, the owner either picks up the phone or they get back with me in a day. From now on THEY will be getting my hard earned $, not somebody from across the ocean who does'nt give a rats a..

My Dac has been gone for the past two months and is only under warranty for four more, so I'm guessing that mf's answer is to just wait it out, and then quietly sweep me under the rug.
Just like to add that you can call musical fidelities support line direct, between the hours of 1-3 m-f there time, which is between 6-8 am my time. It's 7 am and I just called there number. It rang 15 times, then went to a generic verizon voice mail. Great customer service musical fidelity.
tempo has always called me back and confirmed our conversations by email within minutes. that is the good news. but my v-link died in aug [under warranty]. i sent it to termpo per instructions from audio advisor. i" m patient. in november i called and was told they were waiting on a shipment. in late jan. i was told still waiting. this week i was offered a refurb which was fine with me. then they told me to hang on and maybe the ship would dock. i think they are trying and i'm not going to sweat a 100 bucks. but if it was a several thousand dollar system hub piece i would not be happy to say the least. my little tale of woe.....still waiting.