Musical Fidelity integrateds which is best??

Of the Musical Fidelity integrateds A300, A3.2 ,A3.5 ,A3 which is the best in sound quality. I know this will be a personal opinion based on gear and taste but that is OK. Thanks,keith
If you ever get the chance to hear the A5,(or the A 5.5, same sound) it breaks the Musical Fidelity mold of a somewhat dry presentation and provides a real natural and superb sound with 250 watts per channel of effortless music. This is outsdanding performance and a no-brainer purchase really.

As good as the A3.2 is, the A5 is a significant step above.

Good luck in your search!
I am with Rich-owned the A3,3.2 for several years. Liked the A3 better-it's warm-not clinical.
Just traded my reliable A300 (which was quickly sold) for an A1008 Int Amp. Better sound, deeper bass etc, but was possessed by the devil (volume would go from 0 - 100 at the tap of the remote-sometimes...) so after 2 'fixes' they gave my money back. MF difficult to deal with (no email only you phone them at them in England at your cost...) and been dropped by 2 suppliers in BC Canada.
It's a little older, but don't ignore the Nuvista M3. Great sounding amp, built like a tank with a lot of power.