Musical Fidelity is really makin me mad

Okay, I agree I'm not the most patient person in the world but Musical Fidelity is really upsetting me. First of all, there is no e-mail address on their website; does anyone know how to e-mail musical fidelity direct? I've been waiting for what seems like forever to get my dac repaired under factory warranty. The board went out on it 6 months after I bought it.
Has anyone else out there experienced this crappy customer service from musical fidelity? My advice to you would be not to buy anything from musical fidelity, and if you have to get parts from them, just throw your broken component in the trash and move on.
I'll heed your advice B_limo.

Actually, Musical Fidelity has never had any gear that has tempted me to purchase it in the first place. They spend all of their marketing money buying Scotch for Sam Tellig. ;)
the us distributor has had my v-link since august. it broke under warranty. total run around ever since. commitments to ship me a new one twice not met. i offered to accept the worst looking refurb or pay the difference toward a mk 2. no answer. left emails and messages. i just get run around and audio advisor is even worse. they tell me how great the guys are there. well thats nice huh? no answers. i have not gotten ugly with anyone and have told my story. i.ll never buy anything from either company again. they are either too busy or are liars. no other explanation is imagineable.