Musical Fidelity kw DM 25 Transport and DAC

Hi, does anybody have any experience with the Musical Fidelity kw DM 25 Transport and DAC?


I feel I must come to Elberoth2's defense. He was very specific in that he said he heard it at a HiFi show in London. I heard a similar setup at Rocky Mountain Audiofest last year and came to the same conclusion as did my mother who has better ears than I do. We lasted about 5 minutes in the room as the system was bright even with the SF speakers.

KW Pre
KW 750 Amp.
KW Transport
KW Dac
Audioquest cabeling throught.
SF Amati

Elberoth, After doing some looking I don't think you have bashed MF before as Mert has said. But in his defence I spent 2 hours with the above system minus the transport in the dealer show room and it was like wow night and day difference. Now this show room was designed by Rives and is a spectactular place to listen to a system. Oh the transport was a theta data basic II sound familar. I was comparing my Tri-Vista DAC to the KW DAC.

For the comparison the same cables were used, actually swaped between units for the test except for the power cables. Power cable for the KW DAC was stock. Power cable for the TriVista was a Audio Magic Extream Master. The digital IC was Synergistic Research Digital Corridor Phase II active. The IC was a SR Kalidiscope Phase I Active. The conclusion on my part was the KW was a touch and I mean a touch brighter than the TriVista. In all other respects they were equal. Now in the salesman's conclusion the bass of the KW was a little looser than the TriVista.

Unfortunitally due to some technical difficulties we were unable to put the KW Transport to the test VS the Theta.

Elberoth2 as far as MF being porely engineered I would disagree. After talking with Steve Nugent about the Tri-Vista CDP. It is not a bad player yes it can be improved with mods but most players can.

Ok that is enough for the night.
Still no response as to examples of how MF products are poorly engineered. I guess "wiped the floor, big time" is indicative of the reliability of that opinion.
Tlday - I would rather keep my inside information for myself. I have already been attacked on this forum for disclosing Shunyata secrets (or more precise: things that Shunyata didn't want to see the lights of day) that ended with the whole thread deletion.

BTW - do you happen to post in other threads that are not dedicated to MF gear as well ? I have looked through your "answers" and in 24 out of 27 posts in the Amp/Preamp section you HAPPEN mention MF gear.

Coincidence ? I do not think so.
I just installed my KW DM25 about a week ago and so far very pleased with it. It was a warranty replacement (plus $900 and S&H) for my Tri Vista Sacd player that became unusable due to Phillps no longer supplying replacement transports. I really havn't tweaked it out yet with cables and so forth, but can tell you that with just 15 hours of burn-in it does sound better than the Tri-Vista. I know I will get spoiled with it's terrific sound after I get tuned the way I want.