Musical Fidelity Tri Vista DAC, Should I upgrade?

Hi there, I have a Musical Fidelity Tri Vista DAC that has $1000 of mods from SF stereo. It is a great unit but I cant help but think its getting a little old.

Are there any great DAC's that will smoke mine that are newer and around 1500-2000 on Agon? Oh I dont listen to Hi-Rez Audio (There isnt much yet in what I'm looking for) Just standard Redbook

Thanks a million

Get yourself a Modright modded Sony 5400ES or Oppo 95 it will blow you away on redbook. I also own the MF Trivista with the CEC Model 1 transport and like the Modright better.
Its great advice, I forgot to mention hwever all my music is on my computer in AIFF

Thanks Yall
Your DAC has been modified so it`s hard to compare. The standard DAC is under appreciated IMO.I`ve heard it with the PS Audio PWT and the sound was quite good, natural and without digititis. You might prefer something else in the 1,500-2,000 price range, but I don`t feel it will be blown away. With 1K worth of mods it could be better than anything else in that price range. A beefed up power supply, better caps etc. does wonders if done correctly.
The Modwright Sony mentioned by jwm is excellent but is`nt in your stated price range 1.5-2K.