Musical Fidelity Tri Vista DAC, Should I upgrade?

Hi there, I have a Musical Fidelity Tri Vista DAC that has $1000 of mods from SF stereo. It is a great unit but I cant help but think its getting a little old.

Are there any great DAC's that will smoke mine that are newer and around 1500-2000 on Agon? Oh I dont listen to Hi-Rez Audio (There isnt much yet in what I'm looking for) Just standard Redbook

Thanks a million

By the way systembuilder you can have Dan at Modright add a digital input to the modded Sony and all you need is a USB to SPDIF adaptor to work with down loaded files from the internet.
I was actually commenting on the original poster's seems everyone on these pages is looking for that piece of the puzzle that will make it all right. I wasn't trying to be snide...just what we all do around here. English is not a very precise language...perhaps we should all speak German.

Isnt that the reason for forums? So you can ask a educated Question and recieve an honest answer from people who actually have experience with their products?

You ever notice just how many tube amp designs there are let alone speakers.

Dude were all trying to put together a puzzle thats what an online community or any community is all about. I'm still learning like everyone else and I'm not ashamed to admit it!
You can't expect a credible answer to your your original question from those who have not heard your Musical Fidelity Tri Vista DAC that has $1000 of mods from SF stereo.