Musical or scientific/technical background?

Having been asked (well not me personally, but all of Audiogondom in general) how much I was worth, I think my question is not too bold. How many out there have studied music in some way or another? How many have studied physics, electronics, electrical engineering? No, I am not limmiting it to a degree in any of these fields, self-taught people are included in my query. I am sorry if some existing thread may have covered this, having now discovered that some of the topics I put out were not brand spanking new. Some may think I have an ulterior motive, perhaps. Don't we all some kind of agenda. Please don't feel threathened, step right up, express yourself.
Education in Computer Science and a very technical career. Music has always just been an (avid) hobby.
Marakanetz. Please identify the college you attended. Spelling and grammer were apparently not important in the curriculum. I want to ensure my daughter does not attend that school.

I have had lessons in voice, piano and drums and I was a member of the high school choir. In college I earned a Bachelors (note the spelling Marakanetz) Degree in Civil Engineering, BSCE, emphasis in structures. I am currently a Licensed Professional Engineer in three states and a Licensed Structural Engineer in Illinois. Engineering puts food on the table, music allows me to relax.
Twelve years of formal music studies/training including five years in conservatory followed less formal study, which continues to this day. Very informal study of electronics, leading to fairly involved audio component tweaking/modifying has been a hobby for as long as I've been into audio.

Doug, with all due respect, don't be so quick to judge and criticize. Check your own spelling. Regards.
Doug28450: it is "grammar", not "grammer". I personally have no musical training, but have always loved to listen to music. My Ph.D. is in economics though I do like to read about the technical side of audio as a hobby.