Musical Paradise MP-501 opinions

Has anyone owned or have experience with Musical Paradise MP-501 V5 integrated amp? I am tempted to get one before the sales is over at the end of this month.
I bought one of these a year or two ago.  It sounded really great during the short time (couple hours) it was operational.  Soon after setting it up it developed an intermittent right channel drop out that evolved into a totally non-working right channel.  The seller's response was that this is a rare issue that could be resolved by replacing the "motherboard".  So they offered to send me a replacement motherboard (PCB) that I'd have to install myself.  I declined.  Another issue I discovered was that the transformers were tipped in towards each other slightly and not square with the chassis.  Turns out the chassis top plate was bowed in the center due to the weight of the transformers.  This issue likely developed due to the weight of the amp/transformers and either inadequate chassis strength, inadequate packaging, or package mishandling during shipment.  In the end, I had to insist on a refund and returned the amp.  

I never did.  Instead I bought Muzishare X7 from Amazon.  Great integrated tube amp with more features and better built quality.