"Must Have" recent release recordings

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Hi folks. I just acquired the Al Di Meola/World Sinfonia latest CD release entitled, "The Grande Passion." After our Thanksgiving company went home, I had this thing on auto repeat in my bedroom system and wound up listening to it three times over---I simply could not break myself away. Superior WAF! Here's an excerpt from what the San Francisco Examiner said---"...the music is spirited, romantic, rhythmic, sensuous, beautiful, astonishing, amazing; one of the most wonderful listening experiences of your life." At any rate, I just felt compelled to share this one with my friends in the Audiogon community. I am wondering what if any recent released goodies any of you have come across.
"Eight Plus" by the Ron Carter Nonete was recorded in 1990,
but released just a few months ago. Instrumental line up
features Ron Carter on piccolo bass, acompanied by acoustic
bass, drums, piano and 4 strings, etc. I highly recommend
this recording, and encourage you to read on-line reviews.
By the way, I'll check out "the Grande Passion" since I
have Al DiMeola's first, excellent World Sinfonia recording.
I've been a fan of his since his Chick Corea days.