My 6922 Tubes Are Too Bright!

I recently bought a Canary CD-100 CD player.  I swapped out the ElectroHarmonix 6922 tubes for Amperex NOS made in Holland since I had read a review stating that the tubes it came with were too bright.  Unfortunately, it's still too bright for my tastes.  Does anyone have a 6922 they would recommend that's a bit warmer?
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My comment about the Mullards, earlier in this thread, concerned an older tube. I have no experience with the current tube offered under the brand, and only suggested the Mullard because it sounded very warm-- too warm to my ears- in a Manley Steelhead I owned some time ago. 
The risk of counterfeits is great for sought-after tubes. And even if not bogus, there was a lot of cross factory manufacture back in the day. I bought some tubes that were branded on the glass as Made in Great Britain, but turned out they were manufactured by another company (forget which one) in the U.S. (not a 6922, it was a tube for my Allnic phono-- E810F). 

Phillips SQ Miniwatt E88CC, to me, always had a warmish character without being dark, and had silky sweet highs. I’m so glad I kept a couple of lightly used pairs in my stash, with ModWright now installing his 6922 analog output stage in my Oppo UDP 205. Hard to find these but worth it. I have a pair of SQ Miniwatt E188CC to try, but may well have a different character. For current new tubes, I find the Gold Lion 6922 a warmish, full bodied tube as well. Jim McShane has a sale going on these if anyone is in the market.
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