My Amp is good but probably the weak point

I have an Odyssey Audio Khartago Stereo. It’s got the larger tranny, upgraded wiring, RCA and Speaker posts. It might have one step up from the baseline circuit board (I don’t recall). It’s the first piece I bought and it’s been great. 
but as my system has come together I feel like it’s a choke point though I feel the sound of the system is superb.

So with that I began researching and feel like the Coda #8 would be a strong contender to replace it. My research has also included a JC5 and sending my amp back to Klaus to upgrade to Kismet level.

As of now:

sl1200GR (KAB damper, Isanoe feet)


Sutherland 20/20 MK1 (+ LPS)

Denafrips Athena line stage

Odyssey Khartago

Klipsch Heresy IV

Rythmik L12 (pair)

RCA, XLR, speaker and power cords are Audio Envy

anyine have thoughts? I feel like a part of me wants to go Kismet but that’s 2-6 months to get that done. I have a Vidar as a backup amp but it’s not anywhere near as good as the Odyssey.

$5k limit and looking used. Solid state only.


Do you have any issues with buzz/noise with your system? I’ve had 2 different Odyssey amps and while they sound very good I would think they would be too noisy for such efficient speakers based on my experience with them. I agree with others that new speakers would be a much better “different” change than upgrading the amp. Maybe a low watt single end would change things substantially but if you like some death metal probably not the best fit but I could be wrong. My wife says it happens all the time but I don’t believe her! 

Sorry but another speaker is the weak link here.

I had those speakers and I liked them but didn't love them.

Definitely not the JC5 with your Heresy speakers!  

High powered solid state amps are a definite miss match.  

If you like the Klipsch sound it can be made refined and dynamic with a robust tube integrated amplifier.  The Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III has amazing synergy with Klipsch heritage speakers including the Heresy, Forte and LaScala.  

One of the best sounding systems I have heard was the Cronus Magnum and LaScala speakers.  Really nice.  

The Atlas Magnum is the equivalent power amp if you do not need an integrated,  or the Rogue Stereo 100 if you want balanced inputs.  

Save some money and get better sound!

@mofojo  none. I heard about people having issues with Odyssey amps and preamps but mine, along with the Athena (which is unity gain) is dead quiet.