My apologies_Upgrade path from Wilson WattPuppy 7's?


I am the naive person who posted about which speaker to buy next, my system is all McIntosh, except for the downloaded high-resolution music content. Since I have price limitations, I have been attempting to audition loudspeakers under $15K, preferably used or demos. In various stores, I have heard the following:
  • Vandersteen Quarto CT's: Great bass, but an active system that does not seem to resolve high mid-range strings like a Wilson;
  • Triton GoldenEar Reference;
  • Sonus Faber Venere S and Olympica's, great sound in the store.
Currently, I am auditioning (in-house) Wilson Yvette speakers (it cost $400 for an in-house demo), and they sound great to me, but they are too expensive, even at a reduced demo price.  I started comparing frequency and impedance curves where I could obtain them (mostly Hi-Fi news from the U.K.), but I am becoming too obsessive about this.

So, I guess I could buy the Wilson Sabrina or Wilson Sasha WP (discontinued Series 1), since I seem to like the Wilson sound. Any advice?

Thanks again - Gerry
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I’ve found once I get used to a particular way the sound is being presented and really enjoy it, change is really hard. Especially if desiring a true improvement in what ever sonic items I feel need improving.

Staying in house speaker wise, and moving up the food chain so to speak seems as prudent a tact as any, and more likely will keep in place those attributes I already enjoy, along with the technical advantages of the proposed new loudspeaker, ala WP7 > Sasha or Sabrina.

I’ve found more often than not what sounded very good at the ‘store’ sounds as good or better at home, once tweaked in, if the electrics are commensurate..

The only other noteable factor is mating the amp to speaker which if you stay in house, will be an easier task perhaps than stepping elsewhere.

Sabrina’s are garnering a lot of traction though, and they would sit you right on top of the latest WAS tech, and it may be your room should have a say so here too towards this next speaker exchange.

I’d say go back and listen again to some other makes you’ve heard or can hear and be as sure as you can before pulling the trigger on any new to you, speaker.


 Upgrade path from Wilson WattPuppy 7
I’ve heard all the WP’s that Wilson obsessed friends owned up to the 8’s Sasha and Sabina. The one out of those that stood out for me was the 7’s.
After that the Alexia I was a bit better and the Alexia II’s the best.
But in the affordable range it’s the WP 7’s, the 8’s were a step backwards.

Cheers George

Thanks for the advice. I forget to mention that I already own Watt Puppy 7 speakers and my listening room is about 300 sq ft with sound absorption on walls and ceiling.

Thanks once again- Gerry
I forget to mention that I already own Watt Puppy 7 speakers

Yes I know, what I’m basically saying is to keep them, just make sure you drive them with an amp that has big current delivery, and is 100w or more to get the very best out of them. Current delivery is paramount!

Quote from Stereophile measurments:
" They will need a good high-current amplifier before it can be driven to satisfying levels. Its impedance drops to 2.4 ohms at 78Hz and remains below 6 ohms for much of the region where music has its maximum energy (fig.1). In addition, an impedance of 4 ohms at 59Hz is associated with an electrical phase angle of -34 degrees, which will add to the drive difficulty."

Cheers George
Just looked at your other posts, seems you have a  McIntosh 275? it is a very good amp with the right speakers!
But with the WP7's???? a total mismatch, it's a wonder it hasn't herniated trying to drive the 7's.

Read here, same applies to your speakers.
Cheers George