My apologies_Upgrade path from Wilson WattPuppy 7's?


I am the naive person who posted about which speaker to buy next, my system is all McIntosh, except for the downloaded high-resolution music content. Since I have price limitations, I have been attempting to audition loudspeakers under $15K, preferably used or demos. In various stores, I have heard the following:
  • Vandersteen Quarto CT's: Great bass, but an active system that does not seem to resolve high mid-range strings like a Wilson;
  • Triton GoldenEar Reference;
  • Sonus Faber Venere S and Olympica's, great sound in the store.
Currently, I am auditioning (in-house) Wilson Yvette speakers (it cost $400 for an in-house demo), and they sound great to me, but they are too expensive, even at a reduced demo price.  I started comparing frequency and impedance curves where I could obtain them (mostly Hi-Fi news from the U.K.), but I am becoming too obsessive about this.

So, I guess I could buy the Wilson Sabrina or Wilson Sasha WP (discontinued Series 1), since I seem to like the Wilson sound. Any advice?

Thanks again - Gerry
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I know you are too busy selling to read OPs decision but he is wisely sticking with WP7s for now. I hope he will listen to trusted advisors in the future, not rank biased salesmen like you.
Grgr4blu it is not bias but reality, a 23 year old set of WP 7 is not really a competitive loudspeaker compaired with many modern designs.

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As an outside observer, I do not find audiotroy overbearing. He usually brings a decent amount of experience to bare and is polite and articulate. He doesn’t go on and on about one brand, he usually has a good list of options and even recommends things he doesn’t sell.

Not sure why all the hate, but I suppose there is the possibility I’ve missed bad behaviour.

Only an observation. I’ve never spoken with audiotroy and do not move in the realm of such expensive gear, so this is as outside an observation as you’re likely to get

It is not just about competitive.

There is something to be said for designs that have stood the test of time and endured the critical listening of millions of ears. They have proven they are not simply this seasons latest passing fashion. The Paradigm Personas do indeed look technically very impressive and no doubt sound better, however, there is always a small risk with newer products - defects can develop over time and there is infant mortality on parts with a completely new ground up design. Also the appeal of the new product may not last and the manufacturer may rationalize and drop the line in favor of other products.

As you can appreciate, like a fine classic car, the Wilson WP has merits that come with having dominated or defined the high end for so long, The WP will always be a classic while the Persona may or may not become a legend.

My ATC are similar to Wilson, they come from the past - the golden age of studios and consequently they have been appreciated for many years by countless musicians, producers and engineers from Telarc to Sony to Yamaha to Mark Knopfler, Sting and Pink Floyd. They passed the test of tens of thousands of critical listeners over 30 years and like a good Les Paul - they are still bought today when building a new studio and 30 year old ATC can still be repaired with available replacement parts. There is value in that just like there is value in a classic by Dave Wilson. Wilson WP defined a sound that is a reference for many audiophiles.

That said, your comments are appreciated and your perspective is also correct - there is high performance to be had in modern designs and often for much less. Progress is wonderful.
As someone who was ( and still is ) in the " Linn camp ", everything prior to the speaker makes a significant difference. This is what is being done here. Anyone who says the WP7s are outdated, has never heard them to their max. Just my opinion, for what its worth.