My apologies_Upgrade path from Wilson WattPuppy 7's?


I am the naive person who posted about which speaker to buy next, my system is all McIntosh, except for the downloaded high-resolution music content. Since I have price limitations, I have been attempting to audition loudspeakers under $15K, preferably used or demos. In various stores, I have heard the following:
  • Vandersteen Quarto CT's: Great bass, but an active system that does not seem to resolve high mid-range strings like a Wilson;
  • Triton GoldenEar Reference;
  • Sonus Faber Venere S and Olympica's, great sound in the store.
Currently, I am auditioning (in-house) Wilson Yvette speakers (it cost $400 for an in-house demo), and they sound great to me, but they are too expensive, even at a reduced demo price.  I started comparing frequency and impedance curves where I could obtain them (mostly Hi-Fi news from the U.K.), but I am becoming too obsessive about this.

So, I guess I could buy the Wilson Sabrina or Wilson Sasha WP (discontinued Series 1), since I seem to like the Wilson sound. Any advice?

Thanks again - Gerry
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You are learning. Only 8 paragraphs this time. Maybe someday you'll learn that verbosity is the soul of twit.
 Anyway, I have built numerous systems for friends. None have involved Wilson. In none have I even recommended Wilson. They are not for every taste, room or wallet. You seem to think I'm focused on Wilson because we always meet in Wilson threads. We meet in Wilson threads because I read them as an owner of Wilson and sometimes join in them. I also watch you invade virtually every one of those threads to criticize Wilson to sell your products. 
It's amazing how warped your salesman's perspective is. 
Now go back to your store--I mean your home which is your store--and leave us alone.
You can reply because you must always get the last word in. I will not read it as there is no one but us participating here and this thread has lost all relevance. See you in the next Wilson thread which you will undoubtedly invade and ruin.
grgr4blu, warped at my perspective.  You never add anything to these threads, when someone has an issue with a Wilson product you never make any cogent suggestions, you just stand their and yell shill, and salesman, and whatever put down you favor.

We use examples to prove points, as per your derrogitory comments about my "Home Based shop." compare what we have on display vs any of your favorite New York dealers we have a wider variety of affordable gear then anyone in the area, so your crack serves to amuse only yourself and we continue to go after the hottest products so that people can  actually go into a store and hear more than just a few brands that everyone is showing.

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Let's not attack others in this thread (ha!). 

I have some thoughts about my system, although, for some odd reason (probably related to sales margins), it is difficult if not impossible, to trade-in McIntosh equipment for other used high-end audio hardware.

In any event, my attempt is to configure a system that consists of PS Audio DAC and transport (Bridge II, etc), a tube preamplifier, and hybrid or completely solid state power amplifier.

I am a Wilson fan, so first I am going to rertain my WattPuppy 7's, but then move to a Wilson Yvette.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks - Gerry
Below is the lab test done on the Yvette’s, although not as current hungry as the 7’s it still needs an amp with current if you want to get the best from them as the 1.5ohms at 65hz indicates .
"which makes the Yvette a more than averagely challenging amplifier load "

"Wilson Audio is being conservative when it rates the Yvette at just 86dB for 2.83V at 1m: our ‘industry standard’ pink noise figure of 87.8dB indicates that an 88dB specification would be justified. Low impedance helps achieve this. Nominal impedance is specified as 4ohm with minimum of 2.94ohm at 90Hz, and we indeed measured a dip to 2.9ohm at 94Hz. Together with quite high impedance phase angles this causes the EPDR (equivalent peak dissipation resistance) to fall to a minimum of 1.5ohms at 64Hz, which makes the Yvette a more than averagely challenging amplifier load."

Cheers George
If you are going to spend that amount of coin, I suggest looking at Vandersteen again. Perhaps the model 5.
My opinion is that the Quatro's weren't set up properly when you listened to them.-But, Hey, I am a Vandy Fanboy.