My brother dips a toe back into rock music

He gave up rock in the early '70's and eventually became an opera fanatic. About a month ago (now age 58)he asked me -out of the blue (pun intended) - about Joni Mitchell and Buffalo Springfield. Yesterday he asked an interesting question:

Recommend 5 albums by people he hasn't heard of.

Bearing in mind that

A)Anyone who isn't either a household name from the sixties or famous at the Michael Jackson/Madonna level qualifies as "not heard of"

B)The Joni/Buffalo Springield starting point and "art song" inclination likely to appeal to an opera guy


C)The desire to sprinkle a little bit of the rock reductionist esthetic

Who would you point him to?

I gave him 4 on the spot, but I'll share those later if the interest in this thread warrants.

william lyall-solo casting; paul jones-crucifix in a horsehoe; elliott murphy-aquahow; jules and the polar bears-ain't got no breeding; michael d'abo-down at rachael's place;the church-the blurred crusade; jim carroll band-catholic boy;the fugs-it crawed into my hand, honest.
From one old rocker to another looking...Enjoy

Jack Johnson - Sleep Through the Static
John Mayer - Continuum
Bonnie Raitt - Nick of Time or Luck of the Draw
Tonic - Lemon Parade
Steely Dan - Aja or many others...
try these oldies:
Supersessions[ Bloomfield ,Kooper,Stills]
Santana[ 1st album]
Blood sweat and tears[child is father to man]
Blind Faith
Allman Brothers[eat a peach]
Paul Butterfield[ east west]

boy am I old!!!
He probably never heard of:

"Worlds Collide"
Hudson and Ford

David and David

"Modern Music"
Be Bop Deluxe

"City Boy"
City Boy

Lone Justice

"America's Choice"
Hot Tuna

"Royal Bed Bouncer"

"Alone Together"
Dave Mason

"Hellbound Train"
Savoy Brown

"Last Puff"
Spooky Tooth

"Diesel and Dust"
Midnight Oil