My Cary SLP-98L preamp....

I had every intention of selling or trading it, but I decided to send it to Cary for an update; mainly, a freaking volume control remote!

I can't survive without a remote!

All I need now is a nice PP ~75W tube amp to replace my H/K HK990 (although the Cary/HK combo ain't bad at all with GoldenEar Triton References).

If member "sedond" is still out there, yep, I still have the same one you sold me. A few tweaks here and there over the years (coupling caps, tubes [of course] and footers) it's sounding so good I can't part with it.


I'm doing the same with my SLP98P Getting Mundorf caps and one of the main out wires resoldered.. I was running a CAD 120;s amp but got an absolute steal on a pair of Canary M 350 monoblocks. The SLP98 pre's are under rated. Best of luck.

I put in big ol' yellow Hovland coupling caps years ago. Tried Jensen pio's and they didn't do it for me. But anything was more pleasing than the original Audio 1's.

I hope Cary won't get mad at me when they see the Hovlands under the hood lol.