My #@%$ Cat Destroyed My ARC REF 5SE. Soliciting Suggestions.

(Public service announcement-keep your pets away from your audio equipment)

I love my cat. But not as much as I once did :-)
The short story is cat pee corroded the main board to my ARC REF 5SE. 

Homeowners insurance doesn't cover repair or replacement because owning a pet means you assume liability/responsibility. Ironically, or strangely enough, If my neighbor's cat or dog did this, I could collect.

My options-
Repair it. Fixing it will cost 7K. The main board alone is 6K.
Buy a pre-owned replacement at close to similar price. And if I go pre-owned, what's the market on a REF 5SE with a destroyed main board.
Go in a different direction.

What would you do?

jbrrp-The cat is still alive :-)
Thanks for the re-sale advice. I hadn't thought of that.
Ok, I think I have a solution for you.

First, open up the preamp and dry of what you can.

Second, take alot of photos of the inside from every angle you can

Third, get some small paint brushes

Fourth, if you are comfortable, take as much of the interior apart as possible and set aside

Fifth, buy some of this

Sixth, with the small brush dab/lightly paint the affected areas with the solution. Leave on for a while then dry. Repeat for every area.

Seventh, let it all air out and be completely dry

Eight, reassemble and fire it up.

It will either work or it won’t and you will be out only the effort and less than $100. I hope for your sake that it works. As an aside, where did you get that crazy price for the main board?
Cat piss has a distinct and strong odor. Did you not notice this going on? I have 5 cats only two have access to my listening area extra litter box in area along with water fountain. Happy cats that fall asleep to music.
Markum01-I came home to this. I couldn't get to the house for hours because the street was closed.
ghasley-Too late. But it’s terrific advice.
I got the main board quote from ARC. They only sell it to ARC certified bench techs. Crazy!