My end game speaks.

Hi guys so my system is McIntosh c2700, McIntosh Mc611s, Hi Fi Rose 130, Power Quest 707 all with up graded power cords. My listening room will be 15x35' with concrete floors. I pretty much have it down to two speakers the Focal Mastros and the Magico S7. For music I really listen to everything and do like bottom end and smooth clear highs plus I like it loud. I would love to hear you're guys input and experiences as I really can't hear either speaker.

Thanks Matt 


The monitor audio platinum G3 and the Borresen X-Series are better than both of those speakers.

another thing that you should look at is getting the Townshend podiums that's the best upgrade you'll ever do it isolates vibrations down to three Hertz when I put it under my speakers which are the monetary platinum 200 ll it was as if I had gone to much more expensive electronics they're not cheap but they get rid of pretty well all room problems.

So as a dissenter I would buy (if you don't have a pair already) a pair of subwoofers that go deep (meaning not REL)  and pair them with the Focal's. I would not choose the Magico S7's. The sound with this pairing is immense and with your McItosh equipment it would be even more luxurious,

For me I enjoy the musical quality of the Focal's, and I find most Magico speakers somewhat harsh sounding. (exacting, grating, forced...)

Good luck with you decision though, it's a great dilemma to have.

@skydog25  You are in a wonderful situation.  I have not listened to those exact speakers.  I have listed to the Magicos A series and the S series a step down at two dealers (short sessions) and I have spent alot of time listening to the Focal Scala Utopia Evo, which is similar.  All with SS amplification.  I don't want to use words like bright or dark because those terms leave a negative impressions.  I find these two speakers are voiced differently, but I referred to as different shades of amazing.  I believe the Focals are more detailed (which people may refer to as bright) and that level of detail is not for everyone.  I found the Magicos are warmer in comparison but not dark warm.  Both sounded great to me - certainly no wrong decisions between the two.  

Both were very clear and transparent.  I would consider both speakers great at all types of music and not focused on a particular type of music or genre.  Due to the Focal/Naim common ownership, I am told dealers are required to pair the Focals with Naim components and that can yield a less than ideal pairing for some people's ears so keep that in mind.  

Since you are using Mac gear, I suggest you seek opinions on the forums about pairing Magico with Mac gear to obtain feedback whether that pairing would be a good match with Magico.  Only you know what you like.  Likewise, your Mac pre-amp may be a nice match for Focals to soften the high detail level, particularly if the high detail level is highlighted even more by all SS gear.  Again, ask about your pairing on forums.  I know the Focals have the ability to slightly adjust the frequency response with some jumpers or knobs.  That is a nice feature to slightly tailor the sound to your preference.  

As others have said, your decision is worth spending a few thousand an a vacation to listen for yourself.  At this level, it is just about what you prefer.  Of the many speakers I have experienced, these two brands (upper product lines) really amazed me with the sound quality over a wide range of music types.