My end game speaks.

Hi guys so my system is McIntosh c2700, McIntosh Mc611s, Hi Fi Rose 130, Power Quest 707 all with up graded power cords. My listening room will be 15x35' with concrete floors. I pretty much have it down to two speakers the Focal Mastros and the Magico S7. For music I really listen to everything and do like bottom end and smooth clear highs plus I like it loud. I would love to hear you're guys input and experiences as I really can't hear either speaker.

Thanks Matt 


Back in the day had some Adcoms 555s on some Klipsh horn speakers with a sub I loved that setup, but was young those days..... lol 

+1 Focal. I’ve heard big TOTL Focals and big TOTL Magicos. I like the Focal. Magico was sterile comparatively. IMHO. 

Those are serious money, I’d have to audition. I’d look at the PS Audio Aspen FR30 if it was a no problem money approach. About $30K.

I hand built my "end game" spx about six years ago.  Accuton and RAAL Amorphous.  All active.  Haven't heard anything at a show that can best them.

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