My Experience With Tekton

I know this is a polarizing discussion point and was thus hesitant to share unless I could keep it objective, helpful, and concise

I have no intention to be inflammatory, sway anyone’s current opinion or beliefs

I merely want to share information in two specific areas, my results of product performance and my experience with the manufacturer


Background and reference point

I replaced a pair of Revel F36. The F36 is the upper end of Revel’s lowest tier floorstanding speakers and retails for $2,000 MSRP per pair

Took approx. 45 mins to unbox, level and connect

Like for like drop-in replacement, same location on the floor as the F36s, the listening position did not change, identical electronics and cables

We’ve all got our preferences, biases, different levels of experience, etc; but share the common limitation that we just don’t know what we don’t know

I’ve not heard a pair of 30K speakers but expect to someday and envy those that own them

In my VERY limited understanding, it’s near impossible to pinpoint how any specific system change will behave and perform across the board, contingent on the variances in electronics, set up and room. These three items alone (electronics, setup and room) make me think that while similar in nature, but at a critical listening level, each combination is unique and a different snowflake or fingerprint


Listening results

Product delivers as advertised

Meets or exceeds every performance expectation I had hoped for

After approx. 5 hours of listening over 3 days I tried to characterize the sound. The first thought was neutral, but that was understating what I was hearing. I eventually landed on natural or real. The voices and the instruments sound VERY real to me. This is as close as I have come with my electronics, setup and room to sensing that someone is singing to me or that someone or an entire band is playing for me

To date, each song that I’ve played, is the best version of that song that I have heard in a playback, and I’ve listened to all of them 100s and 100s of times

Some of the improvement was by a small margin, but most songs, 65% conservatively speaking, by a vast margin – night and day, game changing stuff

Chet Baker didn’t sound like a presentation from 1958, it sounded as fresh and real as a new recording with the benefits of 60 years of technology advancements. Exile on Main Street didn’t sound like a home recording from 1972 it sounded like 2022 with many layers of percussion, keyboards, horns and background vocals

Is the sound of this $5,000 pair of speakers comparable to the sound of a $30,000 pair of speakers? I don’t know, as mentioned I’ve not heard a pair of $30,000 speakers.

What I do know is the $5,000 pair of speakers, simply put is the best my system has sounded by a wide margin

Again in summary, it sounds real, like someone is singing to me


Experience with the manufacturer

I had hemmed and hawed for 2 or 3 months before placing my order. One day the website mentioned a future price increase but until mmdd you could still order at the current price

I called and spoke with Tammy and told her I wanted to lock in on the current price point but wasn’t sure what product or configuration I wanted

She built an open-ended order with current pricing and told me to contact her when I knew what I wanted

With work travel and other commitments it took me 4 months to finalize which speaker, Moab, which upgrades, beryllium tweeters and Cardas connectors, and what color, white

I was never pressured to make up my mind or that my window for the lower costs was going to expire

Since I was the one dragging my feet, I offered multiple times to pay for the product

Not once did they hint or take me up on my offer to pay in advance

They did not bill me until the product shipped

Once I had made all the config decisions, the build and delivery were again, as advertised

Tammy mentioned a 4–6-week supply chain delay with beryllium, that arrived within her estimated timeframe

Once the beryllium arrived, she said she was waiting on cabinets, eta 5-7 days, followed by build and paint, and shipping approx. 10 days after she received the cabinets

Within 2 weeks Tammy emailed my owner’s manual, unpacking instructions and told me to expect a call from the freight company within the next week

Freight company contacted me on that Fri and scheduled delivery for the very next Mon, Aug 30

The boxes arrived scuffed and with multiple impact points that dented the packing material

There are no blemishes or damage to either speaker cabinet, the packing and packaging worked as designed

Upon unpacking, I didn’t experience a heavy smell of paint or wood, if I put my nose to the cabinet, I could smell fresh paint

The cabinet finish or construction does not appear inferior to anything else in my inventory, KEF, Revel, Klipsch, Paradigm, Polk, and Elac – permission in advance to laugh

Enjoy the journey and happy listening


Good one ursm. Viewing from outside you put your finger right on it. Americans preen and pose about diversity but you will surely notice the ones who do this the most never seem to have quite the same zeal when it comes to diversity of thought. Being Swiss of course the very existence of your country is due in large part to being famously neutral and independent, so it stands to reason I guess.

If you ever do get the chance to hear Tekton I hope it is with good electronics. They are open, dynamic, and remarkably transparent.

MIA and AWOL, nope just working my day job

The feedback has been off the charts and covers the gamut, that speaks to the diversity of our community

Most of it constructive and tasteful, some if it with enough vim and vigor to mistake this for a contact sport not a listening hobby

I’m not here, or qualified, to imply or assert that the Moabs (or any speaker) is in the same ballpark as a 30k or $300 speaker and can only speak to my personal experience

If I’m in any form complicit in proliferating or perpetuating any falsehoods about the product or manufacturer, it was done so without malice or intent to mislead

Some great references and a few that will stick with me. As one person posted they’ve heard 30k speakers underperform because the entry level electronics that’s driving them can’t render the playback capabilities of the speaker. I’m confident that Tektons would exhibit the same results under those conditions. Another posted that Tektons sounds like listening from a front row seat at a concert and their preferred brand sounds like listening from the stage – that’s a brilliant description and something I’d like to experience

A couple of my personal favs – sell the fleet and get the 30k speaker, big LOL moment for me and a wake-up call to gift a few pairs of the hand me downs

That my feeble post could be confused as a burner account for MC, I’m rather flattered. MC has already forgotten more about audio than I will ever know

Our common ground of music reproduction is what brings us together, but the diversity of our individual experiences is the strength of this community

I’m here to celebrate our differences and learn vicariously through our many esteemed and very qualified members, e.g. product designers, audio engineers, musicians many that have recorded at a professional level, published product reviewers/critics, EE, etc

Many thanks to all that have responded with their value add .02 cents

All the best and enjoy the journey

1. What about the Tekton- free speech posts mention early on in this thread. Did I miss some controversy about Tektons owners and free speech. Please fill me in. 
2. Zu and Tekton seem to be similar in nature with their speaker offerings, Zu threads are never as polarizing as Tekton threads. Why is that?
I have had my Tekton DI's with an RSL sub for two years and continue to be awed by the sound with my Peachtree Nova 300 paired to that set up. 
Good choice!