My experience with The Music Room

In short it was a good one.I purchased a set of Revel Salon 2 speakers in mahogany. I bought them sight unseen and l didn't listen to them but judging from there reputation l took a chance.My sales person was great,as soon as l paid they were on a pallet coming across country. They arrived right away in factory boxes and were shrink wrapped in waterproof material. I also noted that the strapping was nylon instead of steel and there were protective pads at all touch points.Best of all the speakers would have passed for brand new.The grills,spikes and instructions were in unopened wrappers.There was a nice thank you letter inside.l would not hesitate to buy from them in the future. I can only speak from my experience and it was great. 


I bought my NAM M33, Cardas cables, and Triangle speakers from them.   TMR takes great care with the equipment and the customers.   Absolutely no complaints and I’ll buy from them next time.

TMR is located in Denver. I’ve had a tour of their facility there. It is truly top notch. Quite impressive. Highly recommend them.

My experience with the music room was with an employee named John , who promised to let me pay for a set of cables to use with my system and if they weren’t a match I could get store credit  for something else, well I decided to call in for Some advice, when I mentioned I was bi amping B&W 802D3 he with 4 Classe 25s he practically laughed at me and said what was I thinking, and that if I bought they Scientific Research cables and they weren’t match I would be out of luck, he would not explain what I was doing wrong or anything, I asked what was wrong and he mentioned something along the lines of doing business with people like me,  I still don’t get what is wrong with my system, I wanted to get rid of the 2 sets of Heimdells , but not sure what to do now

They are a fine outfit for sure but this is kinda becoming an infomercial...


Congrats on the Salon 2's!  They are so sweet and wonderful!  They love good amplification and reward you with every system upgrade.