My experience with The Music Room

In short it was a good one.I purchased a set of Revel Salon 2 speakers in mahogany. I bought them sight unseen and l didn't listen to them but judging from there reputation l took a chance.My sales person was great,as soon as l paid they were on a pallet coming across country. They arrived right away in factory boxes and were shrink wrapped in waterproof material. I also noted that the strapping was nylon instead of steel and there were protective pads at all touch points.Best of all the speakers would have passed for brand new.The grills,spikes and instructions were in unopened wrappers.There was a nice thank you letter inside.l would not hesitate to buy from them in the future. I can only speak from my experience and it was great. 


They are a fine outfit for sure but this is kinda becoming an infomercial...


Congrats on the Salon 2's!  They are so sweet and wonderful!  They love good amplification and reward you with every system upgrade.

My experience was similar buying KEF Reference speakers and stands. Professionally packed and promptly shipped. I would recommend TMR. 

Coincidently just this morning I pulled out of my desk drawer a Thank You card signed by Josh. He coordinated my PS Audio second hand purchase. Likewise my experience was professional, hassle free.

I am in the minority of customers who received 100% inoperable equipment -- a CD player -- from TMR. With the situation of my life then, I had no way to seek redress. Ok, so I ate the 1500 or so. It was just too bad, I guess.

I would not purchase from TMR again without planning the time to deal with the possibility of grossly inaccurate description of equipment.

But I am clearly in the minority here.