My experience with the Spatial Audio Hologram M4 Turbo S

This is the first time that I write about my experience with audiogear so forgive me if my descriptions lack sophistication. I have had Zu Audio Omens for a few years and liked them a lot (the folks at Zu are very nice people to deal with). I was ready to take a step up and stumbled across someone in one of the Audiogon forums talking about how much they love the Spatial Hologram M4 speaker. 
I fortunately live in Salt Lake City and only 20 minutes away from Spatial Audio, so I though I would just call and see if I could listen to the speakers. The person answering the phone was Clayton Shaw himself, the owner of Spatial Audio and designer of the Speakers. He told me that they did not have a listening room, but that he could set up the speakers in the office/assembly space and that I could come by to take a listen. He asked me to bring some of my music. So accompanied by a good friend and some of my favorite music, we drove over. Clayton was super nice and had set up the M4 Turbo S. After a brief tour showing us the assembly of the speakers, we start the music. We were there for a good 90 minutes and listened to the speakers with both solid state and tube amplification. I was impressed. So much so, that I asked him if I could try them out at my home. So with a set of black M4 Turbos S speakers in my car I went back home and set them up. 
I compared them to the Omens and everything seemed more alive and real (not that the Omens are bad by any means), I just had the sense as if a layer between me and the music had been removed. 
The speakers are hooked up to a Vincent Audio SA-T7 hybrid tube preamp and Woo audio mono blocks with 300b tubes. I listen to streamed music via tidal, CD, SACD and Vinyl.  

To my ears there seemed to be greater level of detail, however without sounding clinical or analytical. Because the M4s have 12 inch speakers, the bass extension was deeper. 
I have to admit that I cannot give the speakers the placement they deserve, since they are in my living room and one of the speakers is partially hidden behind the sofa. In order to get the upper of the 2 12 inch speakers above the sofa level, I added spikes to the speakers gaining another inch. However, this is the compromise for good music and happy wife (one without the other is suboptimal).
Despite this handicap, I love the music they are giving me. I listen mostly to piano jazz and female more than male vocalists (Oscar Peterson, Keith Jarret, Bill evans, Amber Rubarth, Ella Fitzgerald and others). The soundstage seems precise, the vocals are absolutely lovely). Every time I listen to these speakers I am in awe. 

I cannot recommend the speakers highly enough.

"Every time I listen to these speakers I am in awe."  Isn't this what every audiophile is seeking?  Congratulations.  Enjoy Nirvana.
Great post above, which I agree with.  I have had my M4TS for a couple of years.  They are beyond a doubt the most enjoyable of the the dozen speakers I have had in my system for the past 45 years -- many at 4X the price of the M4TS speakers.  I am all jazz all the time and I share the musical joy these speakers provide with the same music the OP describes.

I am sending my M4TS speakers off to Clayton Shaw for his Triode Master upgrade.  My fellow M4TS owners have raved about the benefits of the upgrade so I am hopeful I hear the same improvement.  Mark  
I just received my M4 Turbo S today. Fresh out of the packaging they have an impressive sound stage. Will be playing burn-in tracks on repeat for a while to get some hours of break in. Looking forward to hearing these in full glory!