My first Tube Amplifier

I have a 40 years of audio history starting with Garrard Turntable, Fisher Intergrated(SS), ADS bookself speaker on 1978.

But I started using tube amplifier on 1999.

Since then I had been using only tube amplifier in my main system.

My last SS main amplifier was Krell KSA 150 to drive Apogee Duetta Signature speakers.

My first tube amplifier was Jadis 500 which comprised of 4 pieces weighing 120 lb each.

B&W 801 driven by Jadis 500 gave most deep and powerful bass at my home.

But it generated too much heat so it was hard to use during summer.

It was memorable experience to use it for 4 years.

I may not go back to such monster tube amplifier again.

How about you?

What is your first tube amplifier?

I bet two cents on no one had used larger one as the first tube amplifier than mine.


It is interesting to go through your experience.

Tube amp has some kind of unique magic.

But it also requires careful system matching.

I am having lot of fun with tube rolling.

With Nos tube, the sound change immediately.

Keep you efforts.
first was a  hybrid integrated was a BAT tube pre of 6h30s, my first "real" quality amplifier. the problem was that I was driving Klipsch. The pair of Dali Helicons fixed that, and I could finally see what he BAT could really do.

I sold the BAT after making a pair of 40w push-pull Kt88 monoblocks with the local audio club. Quite good. 

the last tube amp that I sold a few months back was a PrimaLuna HP Dialogue Premium. Great amps! but hot for me. Like the OP, they doubled as a large space heater in my CA weather with no AC, so had to let them go.... in favor of Class D for low heat/energy (energy bills are high in CA). the good thing is that the Class Ds i have were made by a company who mastered tube products beforehand, so their Class D amps are voiced toward tube sound.

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Tube rolling with Nos tubes is fun.

If you want to get the best out of your tube amp, then you shall do tube rolling.

I order Nos tube from Ebay dealers who offer unconditional return.