My first visit to AXPONA

I took the 2 hour drive from Milwaukee today to check AXPONA out. What an overwhelming experience. I posted a couple weeks ago about my system that I love but after being on this forum for a while I was wondering what I'm missing. This was my first chance to hear some really elaborate and expensive set-ups. After a 2 hour drive home and analyzing what I heard, I decided to give a hug to my system. My Infinity Kappa 8's and the rest of my $8000.00 system will work for me. Don't take this wrong, I would love to upgrade but with my financial situation I will live and enjoy what I have. If by chance I win some lottery some day I know where $100,000.00 would go. 
I heard some JBL's- I think the LM100's ? Cool orange grills with what looked like a 15" main driver. A little wooly for my taste but at least they were playing Steely Dan! I found the choice of music in general was sleep inducing....
Most all "uber" expensive audio systems at shows, never held up to my $50K system at home.

These systems are sold to very rich, delusional, people that want "snob appeal" to their friends.

I quit going to shows the last few years.

Great thread.  I would particularly agree with the general concept that higher prices DON'T have a linear correlation with performance.  There is certainly correlation in many cases, perhaps even the majority, but exceptions abound.  For example, I've seen two or more cases where the most expensive speaker in a manufacturer's line was certainly not (to my ears, anyway) the best sounding speaker in that manufacturer's lineup.
The room with the Magnepan 3.7i (6K /pair) sounded excellent.  Also the Neat speakers at $5K pair and the Whammerdyne room. (speakers about $6K pair, tube amp a couple of thousand)
There was a mention of the Vanatoo speakers on the other AXPONA thread, and I thought I would give them a shout out here.  I've owned the Transparent One's for a couple of years, and they are the best small active speakers I've heard, actually, to me ears, beat out my LS50's in some ways.  I'm very excited about the  new speakers coming this year which are larger than the T1's.  Check them out if you get a chance (and now with remote!).