My Halcro MC20

I 'm running my Thor TA1000, to my Halcro and I have to say that I just don't hear anything near 400 watts per channel, no shaking walls, no thump from my Legacy Focus 20/20,s. Am I just looking for too much volume, or is it this Halcro just doesn't get loud
The Focus will play extremely loud (and clear...sometimes the bass is too pronounced - IMHO). If they will not play loud, something is not right. Probably a hook up issue or something is malfunctioning.
What is the gain of the Thor? My Conrad Johnson pREMIER 16 lsii has a gain of 26. Or you could need a subwoofer to get what you want.
Dude you need a subwoofer. Speakers only give you so much bass. If you want real wallshaking gutwrenching or as I like to call it doing damage to your internal organs bass, Your gonna need at least 1 subwoofer

I have heard these with the levinson 332 it was my amp. Theyll play loud but your not going to get the bass your looking for from what it sounds like your describing