My Harbeth C7ES-3 story...

I’ve been using Zu Omen DW’s for the past 2yrs and really enjoy them.

every time I go to RMAF I find myself enjoying the Harbeth and Spendor speakers, so I started researching them, stumbled upon the “bbc midrange magic” touted and everything thing I read pointed to something I thought I’d like.

my first step was to grab a pair of used Spendor S3/5’s. My thinking was if I enjoyed them I would then look for a bigger style. I was first looking at the Spendor A4 and A6R’s and as I kept reading I ran across the Harbeths. In particular the C7ES3 (Compact 7’s).

At this point I had researched like crazy and had my eye on a pair of used Spendor A6R’s. It was really hard to find used C7’s so I was leaning towards the Spendors.

I had a work trip coming up to Toronto and one day the week before as I’ve been scouring the audio marts a pair of C7’s popped up, and low and behold they were in Toronto!! 1 mile from the hotel I was staying. So I pinged the guy and we started talking. Told him I’ll be in town etc. so I setup a time to go over to his house. They were mint condition with original boxes, consecutive serials etc so I grabbed them! Best part the dollar is strong against Canadian so ended up getting them for 50% off new.

Another great part is the boxes are not too big and was able to check them in on the plane, so shipped them back with me for $60.

Got them home and now I have them setup on some Skylans.

my biggest fear was the low end was not going to be full enough but boy was I wrong. First impressions from just 1hr of listening... the Zu’s will be hitting the market. Everyone says the Zu’s are very forward which I was fine with and they have their place, but after hearing the magic sound of the Harbeths it suits my style better.

I’ll follow up with more impressions later.
The battle is so close with the LFD and Belles. Still testing out things with different tracks etc. still haven’t decided.
 But one decision I did make. The Gungnir is staying. RME is going up for sale. The RME is very clean accurate and transparent but the Gungnir has it beat in the “size” of the sound. And picks up a little more microdetail better. The soundstage seems bigger by a slight margin. It’s probably the Multibit/R2R sound I’m enjoying more. I’m trying to simplify everything in my system and the no frills approach of the Gungnir better suits my needs. The DSP and the plethora of other options in the RME are fantastic but not sure I’ll be using them. 
Thank to John Rutan at Audio Connection for the Belles Aria, Vandersteen and Audioquest recommendation. Great system synergy from very knowledgeable, patient dealer.
I had a pair of Vanderteens - 1Ci's - and John Rutan played the Belles Aria, I loved it, I bought it and I still marvel at this amp every time I hit the power button. I had speaker cable trepidation, but John advised some decent AQ's and I have no complaints at all. The Aria flies below the radar, but for those discerning types that seek it out, it's time well spent because it delivers the audio goods and is an outrageous value in my opinion. John Rutan was patient with me, too, and that is something that I won't forget in this world of crummy customer service.
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Nice speaker from harbeth line ,
Me too have it and was using high power tube amp like Primaluna and Air Tight (till now).
indeed I was also drawn by their magic sound😁.