My hearing deficits are becoming clear...

I am a life-long audiophile with a nice system which I enjoy immensely.  For years I have had problems comprehending conversations in lively rooms with lots of folks speaking at once, but it has not diminished one iota my enjoyment of my audio system.  However, today, in a room with 5 guys talking over a football game on the TV, I was just flummoxed trying to understand what the heck anyone was saying.  The aural dissonance just drove me nuts so I departed, realizing that I need to address his deficit.

I reach out to my friends on this forum for recommendations for hearing aids for an audiophile like myself.  I prefer tube amplification in my system, but I don't suppose that is possible with hearing aids.  I'd look silly walking down the street with a 12AX7 tube sticking out of each ear, right?  Any input would be much appreciated.   Mark in Sacramento
I've been through this.  Time to find a hearing aid specialist and get a good set of hearing aids.  Don't go cheap.  Mine are by Beltone and you can control the settings from an app on your phone.  And if you have an iPhone, you can stream phone calls and other sounds direct to the hearing aids.  Its great.  Its not a perfect solution but nothing is. 
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I have hearing loss, especially in high-frequencies, and have worn behind-the-ear hearing aids for the past 20 years or so; also hissy tinnitus. Currently I'm using Oticon hearing aids, but any good manufacturer should have something that would meet your needs. My problem is I can't use those when listening on headphones - the mic is in the wrong place - so I have to take them off them. I'm looking into an ear canal 'hearing amp' where the mic would be by the ear opening. If I don't have a feedback problem, that should be a big improvement....
The brand most used by classical musicians is Widex Evoke - they are pricy but have a special music setting that is not visible by default but your audiologist can unlock it for you. They are particularly good if you also have an iPhone since a lot more controls become available from your cellphone.  I have been using them for a couple of years now.
I've had the top-model over-the-ear oticon's for a year.  The before and after with music is like taking off a shirt draped over my speakers.  More detail, more clarity,...  Of course, you lose the opportunity to offer "sorry, I didn't hear you" as an excuse...  I had one problem.  I have dry skin, and in the past several years my ears have become itchy.  Hearing aids don't help that.  Perhaps I rubbed my ears too much with the aids in, but I ended up with a mold infection in my right outer ear.  I was in Vienna when I finally went to a doctor, who said I had a Pilz - a mushroom, in my ear.  Three otolaryngologists in two countries and four months to get rid of a sequence of such infections, and three months not wearing my  hearing aids.  The otolaryngologists all agreed that one can wear hearing aids too much, which is the opposite of what my audiologist said.  Now I put a touch of baby oil at the opening of the ear every night, and rinse my ears mornings in the shower:  The itching has abated (but not disappeared), I'm comfortably wearing my hearing aids, and enjoying the music.