My hearing deficits are becoming clear...

I am a life-long audiophile with a nice system which I enjoy immensely.  For years I have had problems comprehending conversations in lively rooms with lots of folks speaking at once, but it has not diminished one iota my enjoyment of my audio system.  However, today, in a room with 5 guys talking over a football game on the TV, I was just flummoxed trying to understand what the heck anyone was saying.  The aural dissonance just drove me nuts so I departed, realizing that I need to address his deficit.

I reach out to my friends on this forum for recommendations for hearing aids for an audiophile like myself.  I prefer tube amplification in my system, but I don't suppose that is possible with hearing aids.  I'd look silly walking down the street with a 12AX7 tube sticking out of each ear, right?  Any input would be much appreciated.   Mark in Sacramento
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This info is relevant for me and much appreciated.  Thanks to all of you responding  here.

There are few potential alternates in the realms of homeopathy and essential oil therapies however in my experience (in practice over 30 years) each case is unique an so any general suggestions I could make would be "shooting from the hip"... Rarely a positive outcome.

That said if any of you are Colorado locals PM me an I will be happy to discuss possibilities.