My journey to search for standmount bookshelf speakers...

Over the years, I’ve auditioned several speakers:

System Audio SA706 - Sound really good with classical music with state of the art recording, otherwise I would not consider it as forgiving kind of sound on some less than perfect recording, the high can become pretty hot sizzling, no sibilance though, just a bit bright if listen for a long time, but I have no complain on bass except drum kicks music

Chario Syntar 516R - Sound crisp and clear, thus not so forgiving on some recordings sensitive to treble, though no sibilance found, bass not as clean as others I’ve listened

PSB Alpha B1 - Small little speakers that sound great, a bit glaring on the tweeters over long listening sessions, bass limited due to small woofer size

Q Acoustics 2020i - The best smooth treble I’ve ever heard, I found nothing to complain on the mid & high, rich but not overly lust, bass though again due to limited woofer size not dynamic and fast enough

Elac B6 - Oh, sound pretty balanced, neat and vivid, overall presentation is clean and clear, bass is varied based on recording, I would say it sound a bit light on some, some just right, treble compare to Q Acoustics a little bit less smooth, most probably a better amp will do better, but I’m not sure how much you have to spend again

Dynaudio Focus 110 - I actually feel in awe when listening to this speakers with first track Igor Stravinsky - The Firebird - Finale (from album Tutti!), a small speakers that sound so big dynamic powerful, surprisingly the Focus series is pretty forgiving on some old recordings, very listenable, the only weakness I would say is the woofer a bit stiff for drum music, and frequency cutoff by the crossover design, instead of rolled off I’ve experienced from other speakers I’ve auditioned, I’ve to say the high really special on this

Currently, I own Wharfedale Denton classic speakers, very forgiving speakers, a bit of mid bass bump kind of speakers, high is not as clean as Dynaudio Focus 110 but still sound smooth without hot sizzling effect, the bass is considered not powerful and dynamic enough

Guys, what else I can look for at this price range?

I have the denton too, but i find them actually quite powerful in the bass region, and i also like the soundstage they layout. It is a really good warm speaker and a steal at today's price. Marantz pm 6005 vs yamaha 801, do you get the same result?
I power mine with marantz pm 8004.

Reference 3A de Capo i.  One of the best standmounts under $5K you can find. Available used for around $1500 to $2000.
I would strongly consider Fritz loudspeakers, he uses very high end drivers etc . He only makes stand mount loudspeakers 
Or pony up 3k and get Speaker Art Ribbon Clefs and be done. I've owned proac response 2.5 and 1sc and many others.

 Check out the Spendor 3/5r2 ( $1595 new) . If you are looking for used, earlier versions pop up here for about $600.